Funeral Cover for Sasbo members
One of the benefits of being a Sasbo member is the automatic funeral cover of R10 000 it brings. This benefit has now been extended to a further R10 000 in case of unnatural death in the line of duty.

Therefore, if a member dies an unnatural death while on duty, for example, is killed in a car accident while travelling from one branch to another to do an inspection, his or her beneficiary will be paid a total of R20 000 from Old Mutual on Sasbo’s behalf.  All claims for funeral benefits must be accompanied by:

– Your Sasbo membership number.
– A payslip/bank statement showing payment of your union subscription.
– Original death certificate or certified copy.
– ID book of deceased.
– Claimant’s ID book.
– Marriage certificate (if claimant is a spouse).

PLUS, to claim the additional R10 000 benefit:
– A police report OR post-mortem report (original or certified copy); and
– An affidavit from your employer to prove death was in the line of duty.

Claims should be directed to your nearest Old Mutual Servicing branch or contact the Old Mutual Call Centre on 086 060 7000 for assistance. Please relay this information to your family members.