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The Sasbo Constitution is precisely that body of fundamental principles which stipulates what the union is, what it is there to do, how it does it and with what resources. It forms the foundation or cornerstones of the union and its principles govern all the members and full-time staff.

The Constitution is not however cast in stone and has been changed many times since the union's inception in 1916, each time to enable the union to better address the needs of its members and to reflect the changing times within which the union operated.

The Constitution was recently rewritten in order to comply with the newly enacted Labour Relations Act of 1995 and to bring into being a raft of structures to best enable the union to act in the interests of all of its members. The principles of democracy and member participation are embedded in the wording of the Constitution as they have been for over eighty years.

(Formerly -The South African Society of Bank Officials) March 2009

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